poze smart 2013 social media in academia research and teaching
poze smart 2013 social media in academia research and teaching

SMART 2013 - Social Media in Academia: Research and Teaching

Bacau , Bacau. Vineri 7 Iunie 2013 - Duminică 9 Iunie 2013
Vila Corola si Hotel Dumbrava

Categorii: Conferinte si Seminarii

Numar min/max participanti: 20/200

Social Media in Academia: Research and Teaching provides relevant theoretical frameworks and the latest research on social media the challenges in the educational context.

With the emergence/increased use of social media tools, a large number of higher education institutions are embracing this new ecology of information offered by social media. More and more colleges and universities from all over the world are transitioning from traditional teaching/learning towards social media teaching/learning, widening their curriculum landscape beyond technology by integrating different forms of social media, like social networks, microblogs, or cloud computing. However, in this era of fundamental changes in education brought by virtual worlds and augmented reality, dominated by mobile devices and applications, it is necessary to rethink the academic work environments based on social media tools and applications like Facebook, Twitter or YouTube, in accordance with the learning needs, skills, and competencies of students.

Mai multe detalii: http://smart2013.edusoft.ro/topics.php

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