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ClubInk @ Elements Herastrau

Bucuresti , Bucuresti. Joi 12 August 2010 - Vineri 13 August 2010
Elements Herastrau, Sos Nordului 7-9

Categorii: Cluburi si Discoteci , Muzica si Concerte , Petreceri

Numar min/max participanti: 500/1000

Get your ink done!

Unleash your true party nature and don't let anyone tell you different as Club Elements and Redink show you what separates the boys from the real men. :)

Got a tattoo? Wear it with pride! If not - you'll get your own for free.

Shake off the heat to the sound of the electro duo O.K. Corral (Vania and Thornado) and take advantage of the free custom bodypainting and live tattoo sensions.

Knock down some drinks and brand some skins!

Mai multe detalii: http://www.clubelements.ro

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