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Bucuresti , Bucuresti. Joi 4 Aprilie 2019 21:00

Categorii: Muzica si Concerte

"Chrysta Bell looks like a dream and Chrysta Bell sings like a dream. And the dream is coming true" - David Lynch

"Rhythms are designed to ensnare, and Bell’s voice always sounds as if it’s emerging from smoke" - The Los Angeles Times
"It’s like a nightclub act from a shadow dimension, one that’s glamorous and sexy but also on the cusp of cosmic chaos" - Wall Street Journal
"Dark, sensual and moody" – Intro.de
"Enigmatic and multi-faceted pop album full of sensuality, melodic sophistication and the spirit of the Bristol scene" – Journal Frankfurt
"The Texan singer seems to have one foot in another world"– The Telegraph
"Sensual, enchanting, enigmatic, and a little diabolic"– Kölnische Rundschau
"Like Lana Del Rey singing the songs of Serge Gainsbourg" – NME

Mai multe detalii: https://eventbook.ro/music/bilete-chrysta-bell-live?hall=club-control

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