poze concert princess chelsea

Concert Princess Chelsea

Bucuresti , Bucuresti. Vineri 21 Septembrie 2018

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Princess Chelsea (NZ) live in Control

Nikkel studied classical piano throughout her childhood as well as dabbling in drums, guitar and clarinet. While at high school she discovered her love of composition - writing and recording her first song "Monkey Eats Bananas".
After leaving high school she formed Auckland band Teen Wolf, with friends Vincent Lum and Brad Fafejta. Teen Wolf combined Nikkel's classically driven keyboard lines with the frenetic energy of garage punk.
Nikkel is associated with a pop collective centered around her New Zealand based label "Lil' Chief Records" (The Brunettes, Ruby Suns, Lawrence Arabia). She has toured as a live member of The Brunettes and currently plays the role of Linda in the label’s own Paul McCartney / Wings tribute band "Disciples of Macca".
Nikkel has spent the better part of her twenties developing her production and engineering skills and the result is her debut "Lil' Golden Book" - a home experiment that has been called "a triumph of high concept production".

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