poze opening my heart on the way to freedom

Opening my heart on the way to freedom

Bucuresti , Bucuresti. Sâmbătă 6 Iunie 2015 18:00 - Sâmbătă 6 Iunie 2015
str. Mihai Eminescu, nr. 127, București

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We invite you on Saturday, June 6, from 18:00 till 20:00, to a very special event, where music, poetry and the crazy wisdom of the Bauls of Bengals will enrich and illuminate your path, so you can open your heart and find real freedom.

There have been said that freedom is our intrinsic quality. What are we looking for then? Why are we still searching for the basic qualities or virtues of life? Maybe the fact we don’t own them yet has something to do with the way we do it. Maybe our hearts are not open, maybe we are not yet free.

We invite you on Saturday, June 6, from 18:00 till 20:00, to a very special event, where music, poetry and the crazy wisdom of the Bauls of Bengals will enrich and illuminate your path, so you can open your heart and find real freedom.


Opening our hearts is the key for revelations, is our doorway to freedom. And what is freedom? It’s the absence of fear and presence of unconditional love.

The Baul path is one of explicit freedom. The ancient teachings tell us about the heart as a key to enter the realm of wisdom, grace, and assumed freedom. It is not an easy task; it requires gentleness and understanding life at the deepest level of our being.

Parvathy Baul invites you to open your heart through music. Connected to a lineage of Baul masters from India, her singing has the ability to connect you with the wisdom of the ancient teachings which speak directly to the core of your being.


About Parvathy Baul
It’s a great honour and a privilege to have the opportunity to meet the mystical artist Parvathy Baul in Bucharest. She is representing the tradition of the Bauls of Bengals, an ancient spiritual path included by Unesco on the list of intangible heritage of humanity.

Born in a tradition family of brahmans in Bengal, Parvathy studied vedic teaching since childhood. She started to learn art, dance, indian traditional theatre, and sacred music at a young age. After some years when she traveled in many countries with the theather company conducted by the famous puppet artist Andi Pandaram, she met her guru and started to dedicate her life to the Baul path.

Her performences includes singing, reciting poems, spontanious talks that spring from connecting on stage through music to the divine. Like her masters, she plays various traditional indian instrumets: ektara, duggi, dupki, nupur, ghunguru, anandalahari, sarinda, dotara, kartal, khanjani-dipki, khanjani, chimta, sreekhol. To perform the way she does today, she studied for seven year with Baul Sanatan Baba, who transmitted the secrets of tho ancient art just to her and to his sun. After this time, she started to study with Shashanko Goshai, the only Baul master who keeps alive the old way of singing and dancing of the Bauls. Today Parvathy leads the ”Ekatara Baul Sangeetha Kalari” school of music in southern India and travels around the worldto offer performances and public talks about sacred art and spirituality. You can read more about Parvathy Baul and her work at: http://parvathybaul.srijan.asia/


About the Bauls of Bengal
The Bauls are mystic minstrels living in rural Bangladesh and West Bengal, India. The Baul movement, at its peak in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, has now regained popularity among the rural population of Bangladesh. Their music and way of life have influenced a large segment of Bengali culture, and particularly the compositions of Nobel Prize laureate Rabindranath Tagore.

They don’t have temples, study manuals or sophisticated ceremonies. The teaching is orally transmitted, and it is through music that they show their love and fascination for the divine. Because they adopted a nonconformist way of living, they are often called beggars in India. The practice with a guru is under very strict guidance, is a process that lasts a lifetime. In the Baul tradition the way of learning is very different, with a focus on direct experience. The practicioners may hear often from their guru: “Learn from Nature. Nature is our school.” The Baul masters have an incredible memory, although many of them don’t know how to read or write. Asked about it, Khejmat Fakir said in his usual humbleness:

“I just did not want to. What is written in a book, I will keep it in a shelf, locked away. That will be the end of it. Once it is written in the heart, I never separate myself from the teachings; I am the Book; the sound of words is enough for me.”

The Bauls transmission of the teachings is through songs and poetry, always authorized by the masters – qualified experienced Baul composers. The language of Baul poetry is simple, the composition native and the imageries springing out f the Nature as viewed by a Seeker of Truth. The sincere humility and conviction of their own knowledge make Baul poetry powerful and outstanding. The poetry has two meanings: one is apparent, the other hidden. The revelation of the meaning takes years of meditation, introspection, study and practice. About this process Shashanko Baul said: “If you go on uttering the word sugar, will it sweeten your tongue? To know the taste of sugar, you must eat it; then comes the realization of its sweetness. The same is the Way of the Baul: if you keep on uttering ‘secret, secret’, no secret will be revealed. One has to meditate upon each aspect patiently, taking time; then it may reveal itself; and maybe even then not.”

Being in a continuous search for the meaning of life, their performances are profound inner investigations and great opportunities for self-transformation – for the artists, as well as for the audience. It is an extraordinary experience to witness a Baul performance and a unique occasion to access divine grace and the profound timeless wisdom of India.

You can watch a video about the Bauls on Unesco website: http://bit.ly/1FOMQf2

We suggest a donation of 30ron for participation.
There is no need for registration, just show up at the event and spread the word about it. See you there!


Mai multe detalii: https://www.facebook.com/events/1653056454917489/

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