poze bucharest photo week

Bucharest Photo Week

Bucuresti , Bucuresti. Marţi 13 Septembrie 2016 19:30 - Marţi 13 Septembrie 2016
Cinema Elvire Popesco, Bd. Dacia, nr. 77

Categorii: Spectacole si Filme

Bucharest Photo Week

HUMAN is a collection of stories and images of our world, offering an immersion to the core of what it means to be human. Through these stories full of love and happiness, as well as hatred and violence, HUMAN brings us face to face with the Other, making us reflect on our lives. From stories of everyday experiences to accounts of the most unbelievable lives, these poignant encounters share a rare sincerity and underline who we are, our darker side, but also what is most noble in us, and what is universal. Our Earth is shown at its most sublime through never-before-seen aerial images accompanied by soaring music, resulting in an ode to the beauty of the world, providing a moment to draw breath and for introspection.

HUMAN is a politically engaged work which allows us to embrace the human condition and to reflect on the meaning of our existence.

Mai multe detalii: https://eventbook.ro/film/bilete-bucharest-photofest-2016-human

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