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Secret Society Showcase

Cluj , Cluj-Napoca. Sâmbătă 2 Februarie 2013 23:00 - Duminică 3 Februarie 2013
Berariei 6

Categorii: Cluburi si Discoteci , Petreceri

Reas / Rare Movement / Gianni Callipari / Disco Channel

Also known as sCs, its goal is to present local and international newcomers on the electronic scene.
This organization matches up the rising to the legends.
To do so, rites of passage are utilized by the members of this society combined to the knowledge of the elder, attributing an essential role to the art of warm up. The initiating element to a successful gathering.

sCs presents a group of deejays that strive to transgress established rules, defining the institution’s guideline. By combining these different elements, sCs’s undeniable expertise is revealed when light is shed up on its followers secrecy.
Each and everyone’s journey to reach his origin through music…
it’s with great joy and honor that part of its members will respond present at Midi Club.

Mai multe detalii: https://www.facebook.com/events/124830681019306/

Pret bilet: 20 / 30

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