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Cluj , Cluj-Napoca. Vineri 6 Martie 2020 23:00
Club Midi

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Rampue, his real name is Daniel, was born in the middle of the 80s in Karl-Marx-Stadt.

Early on he started making music. Inspired by his older brother he composed tracks with the program “Music 2000” on his PlayStation. Practically he wanted to become a DJ back then already, but someone told him he needed lots and lots of expensive records for that and so he decided to do some budget-friendly producing first. Already as a kid he had a highly developed taste in music. Through the record collection of his older brother he got to know bands like Electric Lights Orchester, Kraftwerk or Die Form and enjoyed listening to Darkwave and Electro.

Tracks like “Sonne Park und Sterni” came into existence quite some time ago, but Daniel just realized now that this is his way to follow. Since then he really established his reputation with awesome tracks and outstanding live performances. A lot of well-known artists and DJs appreciate his work, put his tracks in their mixes and ask for remixes. We all can be excited about what will come next.

Biletele sunt disponibile în reteaua IaBilet si în format electronic pe www.iabilet.ro, in magazinele Flanco, Diverta, Carturesti, Metrou Unirii 1, Muzica, IQ BOX, Uman si pe terminalele Selfpay. Online, puteti plati cu cardul, Paypal,carduri de tichete culturale Sodexo, pe factura la Vodafone sau Orange sau ramburs prin Fan Courier oriunde în tara.

Mai multe detalii: https://www.iabilet.ro/bilete-rampue-at-midi-50629/

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