poze concert nichiel s si schlitz in music pub
poze concert nichiel s si schlitz in music pub poze concert nichiel s si schlitz in music pub


Maramures , Baia Mare. Miercuri 13 Iulie 2011 21:00
Bdul. Independentei nr.2

Categorii: Muzica si Concerte

B.H.C.B (www.facebook.com/bhcbcollective) si Music Pub prezinta primul eveniment rezultat din colaborarea lor:

NICHIEL'S (punk-rock, Franta)


SCHLITZ (punk-rock, pop-punk, Cluj-Napoca, Romania)

it’s electric, speed punk (if true punk rockers allow us to use this word!), mid beat, French lyrics, with a dose of positive humor, smile, recklessness, stupid jokes, and three guys modest and incredibly beautiful !
We started by playing some shitty songs in 2003, we were four, we recorded our first EP in 2005, and then we decided to change the bassist. In 2008, we lost a guitarist and continued to play and have fun just us three. Six month after, we recorded our first album “Holoproencéphalie”. The second one came two years after: “J’ai Marché Parmi Les Zombies”, in 2010, with the lovely help of our friends Guerilla Asso, les Disques de Geraldine and Auxily Rock.
Between all those recording sessions, we played around 200 shows everywhere in France, and Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Québec, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Ukraine, Slovakia, Slovenia and met a thousand of great bands, now friends!

Trio-ul punk-rock s-a format in anul 2009 in Cluj-Napoca si sunt o trupa care aminteste prin sound de nume precum The Descendents, Green Day-ul din perioada „Dookie”, Blink 182 sau Weezer.
Au cantat in deschidere atat pentru formatii romanesti precum E.M.I.L sau DANCE TRAUMA cat si pentru trupe cu renume international: DEATH IS NOT GLAMOROUS (nor) , ATI EDGE & THE SHADOWBIRDS (hun) , SLEAZY INC OPERATED (ger), P.O. BOX (fr) , THE BRAINS (can) şi TAZMANIAN DEVILS (ger) , KITTY IN A CASKET (at), SKARBONE 14 (bel).
Au la activ un turneu cu DEDICATED TO (AT) in 10 orase, un mini-turneu cu englezii de la BANGERS si americanii de la DIRTY TACTICS , prezenta la Stufstock, Rock'in'Iasi si Top T Buzau.

Mai multe detalii: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=207043712674500

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