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Timis , Timisoara. Miercuri 3 Noiembrie 2010 20:00
Daos Club,Splaiul Nicolae Titulescu nr.5

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TAAKE (Black Metal - Norway)
HELHEIM (Viking Metal - Norway)
VULTURE INDUSTRIES (Progresiv/Experimental Metal - Norway)
SULPHUR (Experimental / Black Metal / Death Metal - Norway)

TAAKE (Black Metal - Norway)

As one of the forebearers of traditional True Norwegian Black Metal, Taake has in the recent years become a more active touring band. With a steady touring line-up, the band is now an highly professional live act with the charismatic and wild performance of vocalist Hoest in front. The band has gotten rave reviews of concerts and festival appearances in all major European magazines the past few years, and is one of the most unique Black Metal acts around. With four critically acclaimed albums to choose from, they deliver a varied show with a great mix of new and old songs. The band also have a strong and dedicated fanbase. Taake is one of the few Norwegian black metal bands left that still has the old atmosphere and presence, and they deliver an ice cold and unique show of pure True Norwegian Black Metal that any black metal fan should experience.


HELHEIM (Viking Metal - Norway)

Hailing from Bergen is one of Norway’s oldest and most revered Viking metal bands, Helheim. In late October Helheim will release an MCD called “Aasgards fall” including a DVD with music video and live performances. The concept of the mini album is to glorify the works of Quorthon (Bathory) which have played an important role in Helheims history. But already in January of 2011 Helheim will release their 7th full-length album entitled “Heiðindómr ok mótgangr” (Heathendom and resistance). This release will also feature a bonus DVD from 2009s Inferno festival. The band has never before worked so hard and intense with a release before and the musical as well as the lyrical direction have never been as thorough and though through as this time. It’s the darkest chapter written so far…


VULTURE INDUSTRIES (Progresiv/Experimental Metal - Norway)

The progressive and experimental extreme metal band, Vulture Industries, is out with their 2nd album out on Dark Essence Records called "The Malefactors Bloody Register". Their debut, "The Dystopia Journals", got excellent reviews all over the European press, which resulted in two tours alongside bands like Dark Fortress, Taake, Helheim, Atrox, Panchrysia and more, as well as festival apperances at Inferno Festival and more. As a live band, they've got great reviews for their technical and tight performance, and they really stick out with the weird antics of vocalist Bjørnar Nilsen. The band has a unique and special sound, which is both very complex and also catchy and to the point. With a highly energetic live show and the manic performance of vocalist Bjørnar Nilsen, this is a band you won't miss out on.


SULPHUR (Experimental / Black Metal / Death Metal - Norway)

Sulphur rose from the ashes of the nineties Black Metal outfit Taakeriket at the turn of the millennium, intent on following a path that lay between death and black metal, with a liberal sprinkling of progressive mindset. Comprising current and former members of bands such as Gorgoroth, Aeternus, Enslaved and Vulture Industries, the Sulphur of today is fiercer and more challenging than ever before. The musical landscapes that the band is willing to explore are limitless and the resulting album, “Thorns In Existence”, released in March of 2009 on Dark Essence Records, is not afraid to challenge, thrill and destroy the listener. Transfer this to a live setting, and the results promise to be mind blowing.


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