poze bloodlost thrash metal live at capcana timisoara

Bloodlost (thrash metal) live at Capcana, Timisoara

Timis , Timisoara. Miercuri 10 Aprilie 2019 21:00
Capcana Club (ex Daos), Splaiul Nicolae Titulescu nr. 5

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Bloodlost (thrash metal) live at Capcana, Timisoara

BLOODLOST - Thrash Metal, Sion (Switzerland)

After several years of compositions Bloodlost born in 2005 in an old garage to Sion in the regions of Wallis in Switzerland.

The band was formed with Francisco Martins on guitar and vocal , Nico Fontannaz on Drums and two other musicians , Roberny Meregildo and Stéphane Fayard. The band began their first concerts in Switzerland , and the peoples feel them passion pronounced for the old thrash metal since the beginning. Bloodlost make their first demo DISCOVER THE HELL in 2006.

2008, After a change of line up that allowed Lionel Fontannaz, brother of Nico, to joining the band on bass player and a series of concerts in Switzerland and also in Europe that allowed the formation to open some bands as napalm death and Destruction. Bloodlost decided to release their first studio album HELLCOME , followed by them first European tour named Hellcome tour in 2009.

2011, After some shows in 2010 with the album Hellcome , The band release their Second album studio named TRASHELL , but due to some tensions within the band the guitarist Stéphane Fayard decide to leave the formation in 2013. After that , Bloodlost decided to maintain their shows that was already confirmed , and after the success ot their concerts conducted in France and Switzerland , Francisco , Nico and Lionel decide to keep Bloodlost with three musicians , and to continues the road!

2014, The band decided to write a new album Called EVIL ORIGINS that will out in 2015. With the project to create an album more old school that them last , they recorded it during the month of April to Marseille , to the full metal studio of Izakar, the guitarist of Blazing War Machine and ex guitarist of Dagoba. That experience give to the band a big motivations to continues and grow in the future!

In December , the band sign a contract with Red Lion Music Based in Germany, With which they work for them next shows.

2015, During the month of March Bloodlost sign a contract with the label Massacre Records for them new album EVIL ORIGINS , and out this last the 22 May 2015 Worldwide.

During this same time Bloodlost engage Nils Mamie to the second guitars inside the formation. He was in the first time the roadies of the band.

During the month of August and September Bloodlost sign a contract with Roadmaster tour to make them second European tour, with Nuclear (CHILI) and Nervochaos (BRASIL) . But cause of an problem of passport the band shall to back in Switzerland since the Romania, and the tour was roughly stoped. After that the band can’t continues the tour and was really afflicted with that bad chance.

2016, In January Francisco decide to make a pause with Bloodlost for six month, cause of the birth of is daughter. With that pause the band decide to starting the composition of an new album. In September the band decide to stop them collaboration with Nils cause of some technicals problem of him to the guitars. And the band continues them shows to three.

2017, in the month of August Bloodlost back to the full metal studio in Marseille to recorded them 4th album DIARY OF DEATH. When the band back in Switzerland they sign a contract with Mother Management for the 3th European tour with BEASTÖ BLANCÖ ( USA ) for the month of December. Before that Bloodlost playing some shows in Switzerland , France and Czech Republic.

2018, the band sign a new contract for them last album with the label El Puerto Records , the album will out worldwide for the month of June. They sign also a contract for them 4th European tour with the agency Roadmaster. The tour will starting for the month of November. To be continued...

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