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Concert Dope Smoker [UK], Sex Blender [Ukraine]

Timis , Timisoara. Vineri 27 Iulie 2018

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Dope Smoker [UK], Sex Blender [Ukraine] @ Reflektor

Doors Open: 8 PM
Access: 20 lei

Dope Smoker [Stoner Rock from Wales, UK]
Dope Smoker are a 3 piece rock group from South West Wales where everyone smokes dope & surfs.

"Welsh surfing stoner music? I didn't know. Yet, it resonates a chord with me as I am a long time surfer; you can sense the rolling waves in some of the heavily formed and distorted riffs. The band name seems like a bit of an ode to Sleep. The resemblances do not end there either: they seem to have a love for the Iommi-type down-tuning, too. Man, this rocks my boxers!"

Sex Blender [Psychedelic Rock from Ukraine]
Sex Blender is an ultimate music mix of different styles played on vintage stuff.

"Their music is instrumentally based, laden with heavy amounts of psychedelia and space rock, both of which resonate with enticing ragnishes that one could attribute to krautrock. It is served in a most fluid state, chilled but with just the right amount of blues in an almost improve-like sonic decanter..."

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