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Concert Magnetic (Bgr) ~nu metal/crossover~ LIVE @ Manufactura

Timis , Timisoara. Sâmbătă 6 Octombrie 2018 19:30
Manufactura- Splaiul Tudor Vladimirescu nr. 9

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Concert Magnetic (BGR) ~nu metal/crossover~ LIVE @ Manufactura

Magnetic is a modern metal band from Sofia, Bulgaria. The style is defined as nu metal/crossover, the lyrics are in English with social focus, the music is full of low guitars and groove.

The band is formed by drummer Roumen Minevchev in 2012, but it works in new style and with new formation since the autumn of 2014. In the same year the rhythm guitarist Valeri Georgiev joined and shortly after the bass guitarist Mario Vasilev too. The vocalist of the band, Bojidar Messiah is attracted at the end of the year and in 2015 Magnetic start their lives in clubs and festivals. In the summer the composition is complete when the young lead guitarist Alex Tomov appears.

Following is the record of the first EP – “Show Him Who You Are”, which comes out in March 2016 and the concerts became more frequent to 20 in a year, including lives on the metal competitions OSTRING Bulgaria and W.O.A Metal Battle Bulgaria.

In the end of 2016 the single “It Shall Be Done” is released and more than 20 weeks it stands in the top 5 positions of the Bulgarian “Z-rock” radio.

2017 is full with concerts all over the Bulgarian scene until the summer when the bass player leaves the band because of misunderstandings and different views.

However Magnetic don’t stop working and in autumn the void is filled with the newest member – the bass guitar Uncle Tom. The next is a revival of concert activity and record of the piece “King For One Day” in which the subject is addressed to the aggression among teens. In the first 3 months of 2018 Magnetic performed more than 10 times and realized the tour “2018 First Quarter Tour” in towns from all over the country.

Mai multe detalii: https://www.facebook.com/events/284817865602321/

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