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Meszecsinka - Psychedelic Word Music

Timis , Timisoara. Joi 13 Septembrie 2018

Categorii: Muzica si Concerte

Shangri Live presents for the very first time in Timisoara *** Meszecsinka *** psychedelic world music from Hungary / Bulgaria

Meszecsinka is a child of a love affair, started under the full moon. She is intimate, magical and fragile, as any child of love. Meszecsinka sings in seven languages (Hungarian, Spanish, Russian, Bulgarian, Finnish, Arabian and Ai – introduced in their EP), comes from four countries (Hungary, Bulgaria, Croatia and Poland) and leads you into a Wonderland, where Bulgarian and Hungarian folk lives together with flamenco and funky, Oriental and experimental. The members come from internationally acknowledged bands (Korai Öröm, Fokatelep, Kampec Dolores) to this inner place with one purpose: to feel good and to do only what they really want to do.

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