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Rock La Mures Punk Warm Up: Bat Signal//Konepistooli//Warning!

Timis , Timisoara. Vineri 3 Mai 2019 20:00
Capcana Club (ex Daos), Splaiul Nicolae Titulescu nr. 5

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Rock La Mures Punk Warm Up: Bat Signal//Konepistooli//Warning!

✚ Rock la Mureș ✚ Festival 2019 ✚ Punk Warm Up!

Warm up for Rock la Mures in Capcana with 3 punk bands from Greece/Finland

Tickets: 20 lei

About the bands:


Bat signal was formed under the midnight sky of a full moon night in 2014, to deliver dark, melodic punk rock with a vengeance. They released their first E.P. on cassette called "Dangernights" in 2015, which was supported by their first international tour. The band released their first vinyl LP called "Straight out of midnight", with the help of German label “Keep It A Secret” records (based in Mainz), the next year, followed by a 30 day European tour. They have performed intensively within and outside their country, alongside some of the most important Greek Punk Rock bands, getting a strong reputation for their passionate and energetic live show. Their music has also garnered favorable reviews from zines and the underground press, noting the subtle dark tones of their music, musical originality, and the heartfelt tone of their lyrical content, filled with numerous pop culture references. After 3 European tours, they are preparing their second LP due to be released in late 2019.



FFO: The Misfits, Turbonegro, Social distortion, The Dwarves


Konepistooli belong to the eclectic roster of Terminal Records and were formed in 2015 directly inspired by their love and appreciation of early 80s Finnish hardcore punk and Motorhead. Straight away they toured Greece supporting Lapinpolthajat from Finland. They recorded their s/t album during the next two years, and toured Finalnd in July 2019, playing Tampere Punk festival! Using original vintage equipment, and driven by an obsession of the music they're playing, they have been praised by audiences for capturing the essence of 80s Finnish hardcore, a style so often imitated but so rarely delivered.


FFO: Rattus, Motorhead


Warning! is a 4 piece band from Athens, utilizing elements of old school hardcore from both sides of the Atlantic, creating a unique blend of distinct vocals, hardcore riffing with a twist and bombastic drums. They have recorded two 7'' EPs soon to be released on physical format by Terminal Records.


more details to come!

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