poze be my cat a film for anne new indiegogo campaign

Be My Cat: A Film for Anne - new Indiegogo campaign!

Bucuresti , Bucuresti. Luni 16 Septembrie 2013 18:00 - Joi 31 Octombrie 2013

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The first Found Footage feature film made in Romania!

Contribute online on the movie's official Indiegogo campaign:

„Be My Cat: A Film for Ane” is a full-length independent feature film (fiction). The movie, now in preproduction, will be the fist Found Footage genre feature film made in Romania, a combination of comedy, horror and drama, about a young man’s obsession with a famous Hollywood actress.

Find out all the details about the movie and it’s cast/team, including what we need & what unique perks you could get, on it’s official Indiegogo campaign: http://igg.me/at/be-my-cat

Join and help us spread the news by inviting your Facebook friends to this event! Thanks a lot!

Mai multe detalii: http://igg.me/at/be-my-cat

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