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Bucuresti , Bucuresti. Sâmbătă 23 Octombrie 2010 22:00
Str. Tarmului, nr. 19

Categorii: Cluburi si Discoteci , Muzica si Concerte , Petreceri

No month without madness! One time only, Trash is coming earlier to make place for Halloween and for the last time in the summer location!

So, this Saturday, 23 of October, come out of the closet, get rid of the labels, free yourself from any strings and hop in for the ride of your life! There are no limits, just extremes! Don't fool yourself! Don't loose time trying to anticipate! You could never know what is coming next!

Gaia boutique club
Strada Tarmului 19
· Sambata, 23 Octombrie 22:00

Mai multe detalii: http://www.sapteseri.ro

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