poze ghostly kisses

Ghostly Kisses

Cluj , Cluj-Napoca. Sâmbătă 2 Noiembrie 2019 21:00
Form Space, Aleea Stadionului nr. 2

Categorii: Muzica si Concerte

Ghostly Kisses is the dreamy pop music of singer songwriter Margaux Sauvé.

The name ‘Ghostly Kisses’ was inspired from reading William Faulkner’s poem "Une ballade des dames perdues" and seemed like the perfect reflection of her ethereal voice. “Brush my lips with little ghostly kisses.” – William Faulkner

"The dreamy electro-pop singer and violinist Margaux Sauvé naturally transports you to another level" - Kaltblut Magazine

Genre: Indie/Pop

Band Members:

Mai multe detalii: https://www.facebook.com/events/364065231173136/

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