poze retour a la nature

Retour a la nature

Covasna , Sfantu Gheorghe. Vineri 10 August 2012 19:00
DN 11 Brasov - Sf.Gheorghe, Chichis - Covasna

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Natura Parc

After Gescu at Trippin Cafe Brasov, and Kozo b2b Priku at Codlea next to the lake, with the support of our dj's Aleka, Vygo and Solart, here we are in august standing right before our 3rd party.

At a time when we spend most of our days in the concrete jungle, but we feel more and more atracted to the nature, we invite you to follow your desires and Return to Nature. Yes, we found another beautiful location for this event, somewhere in the middle of nowhere, yet just 15 minutes from Brasov city. So on the 10th of august we gather in Natura Parc (www.naturaparc.ro), a wonderful place, on the way to Covasna county. It's probably the largest leisure park in Romania, so they say.

We took proper care about the music, so we will have playing for us: CRISTI CONS and NOIDOI from Sunrise, in premiere in this part of the country, also VYGO & ALEKA and SOLART & CAHUL. We're sure our guests and their music will satisfy your musical needs and your body's need for dance.

We begin at sunset, at 9PM, and we finish the next day in the noon.
See you all on 10th of August in Natura Parc for "RETOUR À LA NATURE".



► Natura Parc
friday / 10th august 2012
21:00 hrs

► CRISTI CONS [sunrise]
► NOIDOI [sunrise]


► entrance fee:
20 ron till 0:00 / 25 ron after 0:00

► info:

DN 11 Brasov - Sf.Gheorghe, Chichis - Covasna


Born in a family of musicians, Cristi Cons didn't turn tipper and went around from the cello he's been playing since forever, to the electronic music field he's been activating in, for the last 4 years. With a chockfull musical theory background and a delicate ear, Cristi found his influences in jazz, dub, experimental and classical music, landing to production after only 2 years, alongside his livelong mate, Vlad Caia, building the SIT project.
His electronic influences were outlined by Rhadoo, Nutatia, one of his first productions, being included on the [a:rpia:r] 05 - Jurnal de bord. Following, the Case Sensitive alias got him a Danny Tenaglia, Luciano, Dario Zenker and Steve Bug appreciated release - Cappascap EP, at All Inn Black.
At the moment, Cristi's attention is concentrated on the SIT project, which he formed next to Vlad Caia, in the summer of 2009, SW8 being the place you will spot them for the first time performing in this crew, after scoring the Year 3000 release, at Kanzyani's sough-after Jesus Loved You.
His during the years musical influences brought his sets into a dynamic, readable and harmonious direction; where they're still kept, undoubtedly.

A description in many words is not the point which represents the two of them, Nicu and Robert, aka Noidoi.
Flirting with electronic music for many years, they find their inspiration in their colleagues Rhadoo, Pedro and Raresh.
Following Rhadoo's advice they succeed to acquire the necessary equipment for a studio, where the two begin the music production.
Many of these productions are found in the sets of artists such as RPR, El Cezere, Praslea, Kozo, Valentino Kanzyani, Tania Vulcano, Dorian Paic etc.
After intense studio work they manage to have gigs in club like Kristal Glam Club Bucharest, Kristal Summer Club Mamaia, Zebra Club Bacau, Rashomon Club Italy, Mikatronic Germany and with artists like Raresh, Federico Molinari, Bill Patrick, El Cezere etc.

Mai multe detalii: http://www.facebook.com/events/478889212140264/

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