poze systematic creativity with akos balint

Systematic creativity with Akos Balint

Mures , Targu Mures. Joi 22 Septembrie 2016 18:30
Gheorghe Doja, nr. 37, etaj 1, 540354 Targu-Mures

Categorii: Conferinte si Seminarii

Numar min/max participanti: 20/25

@Ákos Bálint once was a software developer. Then he became a manager. But after several years in operative management he discovered that creativity and innovation is much more interesting. Now Ákos runs workshops and trainings in this field and he enjoys them very much.

Real creativity is not outside the box. But inside. Although there is no "creativity algorithm", there are several methods that boost your creativity. One of these methods is called Systematic Innovative Thinking, this will be presented during this workshop. Systematic creativity sounds like an oxymoron, check it out.

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