poze i love tech timi oara

I LOVE Tech Timișoara

Timis , Timisoara. Vineri 15 Martie 2024 11:00 - Sâmbătă 16 Martie 2024
CRAFT, Centrul Regional de Afaceri Timisoara

Categorii: Conferinte si Seminarii

The place to expand your network and meet international tech leaders

I LOVE Tech is a dynamic 2 days tech event that brings together enthusiasts, professionals, and industry leaders to celebrate and explore the latest trends in technology. From interactive workshops to engaging keynote sessions, the event aims to foster collaboration, innovation, and a shared passion for all things tech.

Get FULL ACCESS to techlabs powered by professionals in the industry and a 2 stage Conference where you can learn from internationals experts!

When? March 15th-16th 2024

Where? Centrul Regional de Afaceri Timisoara, CRAFT

Price? Register now and get 100% FREE access! Don't forget to invite your friends and join the event together!

Mai multe detalii: http://tinyurl.com/2h5pshrd

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