poze concert black hat bones

Concert Black Hat Bones

Timis , Timisoara. Miercuri 31 Ianuarie 2018

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Black Hat Bones (Greece) Live @ Manufactura

Black Hat Bones! A high energy / heavy rock band formed back in 2009 that already has two full length albums (High Gain Devil Rockers-2015, Born In a Thunder-2017), two Eps and their latest work "The Ghost Bites Back”.

If highly energetic performances, screaming solos, growling bass and a vocalist that you can't get your eyes off of, are your things, then you're in for a treat!

After partying in well-known stages throughout Greece, but also taking part in notable festivals like Rockwave Festival, Ejekt Festival, Desert Fest Athens, Fuzztastic planet and more, it's time for those dudes to cross the borders and spread their high energy rock 'n' roll to the masses!

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