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Concert Dopelord / Stonebride / Methadone Skies

Timis , Timisoara. Joi 22 Februarie 2018
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Dopelord [PL] & Stonebride [HR] & Methadone Skies [RO]

Dopelord - Doom / Stoner [Warsaw, Poland]

Stoner/doom band from Poland. Founded in late 2010 in Lublin. Released their debut album "Magick Rites" in 2012 followed by "Black Arts, Riff Worship & Weed Cult" in 2014. Smoking, rehearsing and touring. Their main inspirations are: old movies, 70s music and magical herbs. They tune low and play slow.

Stonebride - Stoner / Progressive / Heavy Rock [Zagreb, Croatia]

STONEBRIDE are the purveyors of their own philosophy, sound and dedication to music. Unwreckable live entity! Combining influences from everything they can but staying true to the original , addictive and interesting musical expression. STONEBRIDE nurtures heavier sound, alternative , psych amped vibes driven by trance feeling, prog moments with steering the wheel into desert, doom Rock and sludge teritories. Month long and short circuit tours, clubs, festivals, roaming the most of the European land, playing with and supporting slots for some of the genre defining bands like: Karma To Burn [usa], Suma [swe], Kyuss Lives! [usa], Colour Haze [d], Glowsun [f], Black Math Horseman [usa], True Widow [usa], 1000 Mods [gr], Truckfighters [swe], Stinking Lizaveta [usa], Master Musicians Of Bukkake [usa], Mos Generator [usa], Elder [usa], Giobia [it], Zippo [it] etc., established STONEBRIDE as a live machine you want see over and over again. Welcome to 'altertrance' state of mind!

Methadone Skies - Psychedelic / Progressive / Stoner [Timisoara, Romania]

"Methadone Skies turn the genre on its head with a wild unexpected ride into the unknown.So expect major epic riffs that blend the Psych Rock/Jam Rock to amazing effect. It does get very loud at times." - Sludgelord Blog

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