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Concert Rudhen [it]

Timis , Timisoara. Marţi 30 Octombrie 2018

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Concert Rudhen [it] la Timisoara @ Reflektor

Rudhen was born in the spring of 2013 by three friends: Luca De Gaspari (drummer), Alessandro Groppo (singer and guitarist) and Fabio Torresan (guitarist), they wanted to dial a stoner-rock band. After a short time Riccardo Rix Rigo joins the band as bassist and, in 2015, he is replaced by Maci Piovesan. The first live begin in January of 2014: from this date they produced two EP (“Rudhen” in 2014 and “ Imago Octopus” in 2015), four videoclips (“Hellraiser”, “Black Spirit”, “My soul on fire” and “Arabian Drag”) and many dates in the north of Europe (Slovenia, Austria, Germany, Denmark) and in the north and middle of Italy.

From second EP Alessandro left the guitar and he has dedicated himself only to the voice. In 2017 Davide Lucato joined the band as bassist, and with him Rudhen recorded the first complete album: “DI(O)SCURO”; accompanied by the videoclip of single “Magnetic hole”. Evocative and visionary lyrics and a mellow and hypnotic sound which have gone, in the last period, to the doom, with various psychedelic inserts. If the first works was markedly rock, “DI(O)SCURO” represents an evolution to smoky and obsessives atmospheres who remember the Sleep, without forgetting the lesson of the fathers of the genre: the Black Sabbath, all supported by elements of individual creativity of the components.

Black Sabbath, Kyuss, Wolfmother, Samsara blues experiment, OM, Sleep

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