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Concert Strychnine

Timis , Timisoara. Luni 5 Februarie 2018

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Strychnine (DE, Dresden) LIVE PUNK @ Manufactura

"STRYCHNINE" was founded in 2010 in Dresden.

The musical priority was to do something new and something other cos dresden got flooded with punk bands these times. The heartbeat of our sound was, is and always will be punk but everyone of us 4 has an other influence to the songs and so there's hardcore, metal and other experimental stuff like rap and hardtrance to find in our songs. Our first album got released in 2010 called "Favorite Enemy". In the year 2013 we released the EP "For better and for worth". These 3 songs were the last of the old singer Tommy. When he left to become a tattoo artist, I took his place and after weak knees and nervousity I loved it. Then we released "under pressure", my debut EP with 3 songs and already worked at the next album which was released in 2015 under the name"static warfare". Ten songs full of rage, hope, hate and love and about this sick times we live in. Last year we had to change the drummer again, so buerschde(Felix) came back to us. he drummed for the first album and mixed two cds for us but never had a safe part in our band like now. While I'm writing you this lines, we work on our new album, new shirts for the tour, try to organize our first tour born from a crazy idea. You see, we work really hard cos we love music.

Our music can be described as critic against society, politics and the unjustness of today's life. But we don't shout out slogans and messages we want the people to do. The expression is more to think and research, no blind believe and following. Always being critically to everything, most at ourselfes with a kind of sathire and fun, too. The gigs we play are always a lot of fun you can see cos even if our music is meant very serious you will see clearly that we love to play it and have fun being on satge infront of the audience.

The last thing I want to say is we are 4 very different personalities but there are some topics we all agree. We stand for a huge kind of tolerance, we never prejude somebody before we got him or her to know cos that's the way we want to be treated.

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