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Concert Tribal Veda

Timis , Timisoara. Joi 6 Septembrie 2018

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Tribal Veda - world music, France

Tribal Veda was a brand new group, still in the process of formation when – at the start of 2013 – it was catapulted to fame through winning the World music prize attributed by the cult national radio station FIP, following the recording of the song «Mali».

Tribal Véda came about through a series of encounters and coincidences over the course of time which have turned out to be too special to be simply the result of chance. These meetings were permeated by notions of travel and the marriage of different musical cultures. The members of the group thus hail from the four corners of the earth.
One night, illuminated by a full moon, a musical tribe, including some of the current band members, got together at BO studios in Paris. A jam session lasting several hours was recorded in which the studio’s percussion items and its wide range of instruments were put to full use.

This was the ‘Big Bang’ moment, sketches of the band’s future tracks emerging from these recordings: Goran (vocals & buzuki), the driving force behind Tribal Veda, worked tirelessly to develop the ideas he heard in these founding elements of the group’s sound and set about finding the right musicians to take this fascinating first experience to the next level.

After several journeys and various collaborations the core of Tribal Veda, driven by unknown forces, gradually took shape, made up of Alexis (drums)
Pauline (oboe)
Zoltan (sound technician)
Corina (vocals)
Guillaume (bass)
Demian (flutes and percussion)
Annelise (Clarinet).
As and when required, other musicians would also feature, the most prominent of which were Franck (Spanish lute), Nina (Vocals), Jovana (Vocals) and Hector (Clarinet)… All of these players added colour through the diversity of their instruments and musical contributions. From East to West, North to South in a heartbeat – such is the Tribal Veda experience.

As from 2014 Tribal Veda began touring – initially in France – and then as from 2015, when a tour manager was so impressed by their music that he decided to introduce them to a wider audience in the Balkans and in central Europe.

Thus on the basis of a simple demo made in 2013, the joyful musical collective has been enthralling concert halls and festivals for the past 3 years in around a dozen countries. At the same time, the group worked on its stage performance at residential rehearsal breaks at St Nolff in Brittany and the La Pêche studios in Paris (Montreuil) where they produced their first live video.

In addition to these concerts, 2016 saw the band take to the studio to work on its first album the release date of which is set for 2018.

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