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The Underground Youth LIVE in Capcana -Timisoara

Timis , Timisoara. Duminică 26 Mai 2019 20:00
Capcana Club (ex Daos), Splaiul Nicolae Titulescu nr. 5

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The Underground Youth LIVE in Capcana -Timisoara

It’s been 10 years since Craig Dyer titled his creative project, The Underground Youth, and started releasing his lo-fi psychedelic recordings for free online. Following the prolific output of 2009’s ‘Morally Barren’ and ‘Voltage’ and 2010’s ‘Mademoiselle’ and ‘Sadovaya’, a loyal fan base quickly developed and has continued to grow from there.

Fifth album ‘Delirium’ was released in 2011 and was to be the first release for the brand new independent record label, Fuzz Club Records. Following the release the label urged Dyer to assemble a live band and bring TUY’s music to the stage.

The line-up has seen a number of changes over the years but having relocated from Manchester to Berlin in 2016, is currently settled with Craig (Vocals, Guitar) Olya Dyer (Drums) Max James (Bass) and Leonard Kaage (Guitar).

Since the live band was assembled in 2012, TUY have been constantly touring Europe and the rest of the world, consistently selling out shows and receiving widespread praise for their festival performances. Building on their cult following wherever they travel.

Since signing to Fuzz Club Records, TUY have released a further 3 LP’s, 2013’s ‘The Perfect Enemy For God’, 2015’s ‘Haunted’ and 2017’s ‘What Kind Of Dystopian Hellhole Is This?’ Bringing the total number of releases to 8 LP’s and 3 EP’s, along with live sessions, singles and special re-releases, TUY have not dropped the prolific level of output over their 10 year existence.

With a distinct sound that has continuously developed over the years, TUY have crossed from their unique brand of darkly cinematic psychedelia to a raw and blisteringly style of post-punk. The band have captured this sound live in their Berlin studio for what will be TUY’s ninth album. ‘Montage Images of Lust & Fear’ is set for release in late March.

Focusing on contrasting beautiful melodies and dark poetic lyrics, the subconscious of this new album is penetrated by the raw energy and noise of the band’s current live shows. With the release of the new album, TUY are set for an extensive release tour that will see them travel across numerous continents throughout 2019.


Montage Images Of Lust & Fear LP - 2019
What Kind Of Dystopian Hellhole Is This? LP - 2017
Haunted LP - 2015
A Lo-fi Cinematic Landscape EP - 2015
Beautiful & Damned EP - 2014
The Perfect Enemy For God LP - 2013
Low Slow Needle EP - 2011
Delirium LP - 2011
Sadovaya LP - 2010
Mademoiselle LP - 2010
Voltage LP - 2009
Morally Barren LP - 2009

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25 lei at the door

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