poze one love gathering 2013 vidra lake 1300m
poze one love gathering 2013 vidra lake 1300m poze one love gathering 2013 vidra lake 1300m poze one love gathering 2013 vidra lake 1300m


Valcea , Voineasa. Vineri 27 Septembrie 2013 15:00 - Duminică 29 Septembrie 2013
Lacul Vidra (Voineasa)

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ONE LOVE GATHERING is meant to be a meeting point for all free spirits, a journey into another dimension. Every year, for a few days we’re trying to build a temporary community, where the universal love and respect is shared by all creatures, regardless of race, color or creed.

ONE LOVE is a free gathering, meaning that no money are charged for attending or for camping on-site and you may bring anything you need for your physical and spiritual needs. Still we need your full support so any kind of help is well appreciated.

All the planning and labor to make this gathering possible is done by volunteers. We have a piece of land for a while and together we must build a place just as we want to, guided by our own energies. You’ll feel more of the vibe if you get involved in any daily activity that might help (getting fire wood, clean up, etc.)

Although everyone entering the forest can act and behave free, guided by their own will, you have to keep in mind that “we are ONE” and only together can we make this event possible. Show respect to each other and be fully aware of people’s privacy. Do not disturb anyone around and embrace a ”Leave no trace” attitude.

This is how things run in our community. This is the way for you to feel the vibe and have an amazing and wonderful experience.

Mai multe detalii: http://onelovefestival.wordpress.com/

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