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Jazz Terrace Posticum: Funk You!

Bihor , Oradea. Duminică 19 Mai 2019

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On the occasion of the birthday of Posticum, the Funk You! has been invited to our Jazz Terrace The members of the duo are: Ákos and Stephanie. The audience will experience energetic funk music and professional stage presence. The entry is free.

Funk You! was founded a year ago to finance the cost of releasing an album. They had immediately been awarded two prizes: the first prize of Street Music Festival in Satu Mare and the main prize at the internationally renowned Veszprém Street Music Festival in Hungary. The chairman of the jury was the main organizer of the world famous Ferrara Street Music Festival.

Funk You! has had a great success from the first moment. They are characterized by energetic, high-quality music and professional stage presence. Their repertoire contains elements of jazz, funk and funk rock with acoustic sounds, but with more energy.

We warmly welcome everyone!

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